You can earn up to 3 Simon Singles at each visit.

  • Good oral hygiene * – 1
  • Wearing Dr. Simon t-shirt – 1
  • No loose or broken bands, brackets or wires – 1

* Good oral hygiene means that the teeth and braces are free from food and plaque and the gums are pink and not swollen.

10 bonus Simon Singles will be awarded to anyone spotted by a Staff member wearing their Dr. Simon t-shirt in public on a non-appointment day.

30 bonus Simon Singles will be awarded to anyone who refers a patient who begins treatment.**

  • Fewer than 10 points can be redeemed for toothpaste.
  • The patient is responsible for collecting and redeeming Simon Singles.
  • Simon Singles have no cash value.
  • Any reproduction of Simon Singles is not allowed.
  • Simon Singles are awarded during active treatment (not retention) and regular appointments only.
  • Simon Singles can be redeemed at any time for items in the display case in the reception area.

** name of referring family must be mentioned before braces are placed.