Continued Learning is at the forefront of what we do at Simon Orthodontics!


We wanted to thank our amazing patients for their understanding in allowing us to take this time out of the office to learn about new technology in orthodontics. In addition to the latest advancement in orthodontics, we also learned other best practices to implement, making our office run better for you.

Continued learning is at the forefront of what we do here at Simon Orthodontics. It allows us to remain on the cutting-edge of technology, constantly changing and improving our services to make treatment better, faster and more comfortable for our patients.

So what did we learn? We use Damon System brackets and wires in our office. We often get asked the question, “What difference does that make?” The truth is, a lot! Damon brackets have a lot of benefits. They have a small door that closes to hold the wire in place so there are no prongs or elastic ties, which makes the brackets much smoother against the lips. Additionally, because of that door and the lack of elastic ties, the wires can place light, continuous forces on the teeth, allowing them to move more gently – which makes for less discomfort, a shorter adjustment period, longer time between visits (8-10 weeks on average) and FASTER treatment times.

Dr. Dwight Damon, the creator of The Damon System, had an incredible presentation where he unveiled new technology that will allow us to achieve amazing results in even less time. Newly engineered wires and brackets are currently in clinical trials and we hope to have them in the office asap! Isn’t that exciting?!

The best thing about being part of the Simon Orthodontics team is working for a doctor who is dedicated to continual learning. We love working in an environment where we all have a desire to learn more, improve the way we do things, and learn how we can be better for our patients.

 Additional ideas that were reinforced at the Forum were:

  • How to use the Damon System
  • How to treat in two phases without expanders and headgear
  • How to treat cases non-surgically that most orthodontists would treat in conjunction with surgery
  • About the aspects of running an office more efficiently

At Simon Orthodontics, our passion is creating healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. We are committed to exceptional treatment results and total patient satisfaction with service second to none.

Imagine an Orthodontic Office…

  • Where everyone knows your name
  • Where the doctor sees you at every visit
  • That makes their patients the most important part of their day
  • Where your time is valued

We feel that it is important to build a lasting relationship with our patients. In addition to providing excellent orthodontic care, we offer many great contests for all our patients, and give away lots of exciting prizes!

We love to have fun! In fact, it is not uncommon to find Dr. Simon singing on our state-of-the-art karaoke machine.

Choosing an orthodontist can be difficult. Join a team that has core values central to improving the smiles of their patients in more ways than one. We invite you to find out if Simon Orthodontics is right for you by scheduling your complimentary consultation TODAY – Dr.Simon’s gift to you!

The 2017 Forum was a great learning experience for the team. We cannot wait to incorporate the things we learned in our office, so that we can further impact the orthodontic experience in Wellington, Florida.

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